Bima Walk

The Bima Walk will be held on the 8th of July 2023 in Dar es Salaam at Mlimani City. We will also announce the Essay Competition on this day. The Essay Competition is part of our awareness and capacity building toward future generations of the insurance industry. We shall be opening this Essay competition for students from IFM, Dar es Salaam University, and Zanzibar State University.

As an industry player, it’s great that you’re participating in the Bima Walk and supporting the “Kwanini Bima” theme.

Bima Walk Commissioners Invitation

Brand your company at Bima Walk

As an insurance industry member, you are allowed to brand your company at Bima Walk by following the below guidelines:

  1. Participation: The walk is open to all, and you’re encouraged to bring as many staff members as possible to join the event.
  2. Company Displays: You have the opportunity to showcase your company by bringing your own banners, posters, signposts, etc., to be displayed during the walk. It is recommended that you include the “#BimaWalk logo” on these displays to associate your company with the event.
  3. Branded T-shirts and Caps: You have the option to create your own T-shirts and caps with the “#BimaWalk Logo.” This will help maximize your company’s visibility and ensure you receive free mileage as part of the Bima Walk.
  4. Rollup & Tear Drop Banners: You are allowed to place your rollup banners and tear drop banners at the Bima Walk reception area located at Mlimani City. This will give your company additional exposure during the event.
  5. Staff, Family, & Friends: The Bima Walk is meant to be a collective effort, so you’re encouraged to bring not only your staff but also your family and friends to be part of this road show. The more people involved, the greater the impact and awareness generated.

By following these guidelines, you can actively participate in the Bima Walk, promote your company, and contribute to the overall success of the event.

Bima Walk Route

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