IIT Signs an MOU with College of Insurance, Kenya

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In conducting the 23rd Tanzania Insurance Convention, 2021; the Commissioner of Insurance, Dr. Mussa C. Juma had a breakfast Meeting with all Insurance Companies and Brokers’ CEOs. This meeting marked the occasion of signing an MOU between Insurance Institute of Tanzania (IIT) and the College of Insurance, Nairobi (COI). This breakfast meeting is usually organized a day after the Tanzania Insurance Convention event which is held annually. The meeting was initiated by the historic signing of the MOU for the Insurance Certification Programme in the country. Thus, the Insurance Institute of Tanzania will be providing different certified courses like the Certificate of Proficiency (COP), Foundation Course in Insurance (FCI) and so on for the insurance professionals who wish to upgrade their insurance qualifications. The courses will start from October 2021 onwards. For registration

After signing the MOU, the Commissioner of Insurance, Dr. Mussa Juma addressed the market players and presented the market statistics for 2019 and 2020.